Magazines and Television

December 2018 - Le nouveau magazine littéraire book Lafourcade, Magic in Provence                              

November 2018 -  Archiscopie  book Lafourcade, Magic in Provence

November 2018 - Art & Décoration la Bastide des Guis

November 2018 - Challenges book Lafourcade, Magic in Provence

October 2018 : Côté Sud presentation of the book: Lafourcade, Magic in Provence

September 2018 : Elle Décoration no 266  « les Belles Pages » article describing the book : Lafourcade, Magic in Provence

July 2018 : La Provence, article about the publication of the book "Lafourcade, magiciens en Provence" 

July 2018 : web article, the Domaine de Fontenille "restored by the architecture expert in Provençal Homes : Alexandre Lafourcade

July 2018 : Lafourcade Magiciens en Provence, (French issue) editions Loco

July 2018 : Lafourcade Magic in Provence, (English issue) editions Loco

July 2018Art & Décoration, the restoration of a mas in Provence, the creation of a terrace in a village house

June 2018El Semanal, the lifestyle, gardens and architecture projects in Provence

May 2018Fred N°1, portrait of Dominique Lafourcade

March 2018 Elle Deco Inspirations L'esprit du Sud, Dominique Lafourcade and her gardens at Pierredon Abbey

Fébruary 2018France 3 Prioriterre Luxury and sustainable development, Alexandre Lafourcade restored Domaine de Fontenille in the Luberon

December 2017 : Luxe Tentations, the abbey of Pierredon, Pierredon wines

November 2017 : Belles Demeures, the Abbey of Pierredon, an exhilarating family estate restored by Alexandre Lafourcade

September 2017 : Côté Sud, at the Oustau de Baumaniere, the Manoir firstly restored by the Lafourcade

August 21st 2017 Cote de Texas, the prettiest house ever, le Mas des poiriers, architecture and garden project Lafourcade

August 4th 2017 : The, le Mas des Poiriers : “ extensive renovation by the esteemed

Alexandre Lafourcade. Landscape architect Dominique Lafourcade »

August 2017 : Lux Résidences, le Château de Berne cover, the gardens created by Dominique Lafourcade

July 25th 2017 : Le, Château de Berne transformed by Alexandre Lafourcade. Garden design

Dominique Lafourcade

July 2017 : Courrier Internationnal No 1392, Provence seen by the international press – the Lafourcade’s touch

June 2017 Nuevo Estilo. The gardens of Pierredon Abbey

April 2017 Herbarella. Berne Chateau restored by Alexandre Lafourcade and cover 

Febuary 2017 Maisons Côté Sud. The Domaine de Fontenille, Alexandre and Dominique Lafourcade 

January 2017 Design Paysager N°1. Dominique Lafourcade’s gardens in Provence in autumn

Octobre 2016 Challenges. Chateau de Berne, Dominique Lafourcade

September 2016 Eden Belgium. The African garden created by Dominique Lafourcade

August 2016 Terres de Vins. Château de Berne restored by the Lafourcade family

August 2016 El Pais Spain. Provence the secret mecca of the luxury : the Lafourcade family restoration work

July 2016 - Côté Sud. Bruno Lafourcade's homage

June 2016 - Members Only Belgium. Alexandre Lafourcade's architectural know-how

June 2016 - L'Art des Jardins. Two gardens in the Alpilles designed by Dominique Lafourcade

June 2016  - Dolce Design. Restoration of a country house in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence by Alexandre Lafourcade

April 2016Le Soir Immo. Portrait of the Lafourcade family

April 2016 - Art & Décoration, Art & Décoration, Alexandre Lafourcade, restoration of a farm in the Luberon

February 2016AVoque Travel China. Alexandre Lafourcade, restoration of Domaine de Fontenille in the Luberon

September 12, 2015 - TF1 Famous garden-designers, creation of the gardens by Dominique Lafourcade and architecture by Alexandre Lafourcade at "Château de Berne"

August 2015 Côté Sud Provence in a garden, the transformation of an ordinary house into a beautiful country house

July 2015 - American Robb Report Home & Style. Portfolio Bruno, Dominique, Alexandre Lafourcade

July 2015Elle Décoration no 237, the interior of a contemporary house in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence

June 2015 Elle Décoration no 236 South of France Garden Designers – Portrait of Dominique Lafourcade

May 11, 2015 La Provence Portrait of Alexandre Lafourcade

May 2015 Elle Décoration Germany no 140. Portrait of Dominique Lafourcade

March 2015 Herbarella. The Dourbie vineyard property

February 2015Herbarella Special issue. The garden of Les Confines

December 2014Art & Décoration no 501. The Dourbie, vineyard property restored by Bruno and Alexandre Lafourcade. Listed ornamental garden designed by Dominique Lafourcade

October 2014 - Résidences Décoration no 120. Portrait of Alexandre Lafourcade

October 2014TV Canada - Vu de l'Intérieur - Portrait of Dominique Lafourcade in her private garden

October 2014 TV Canada - Vu de l'Intérieur - Portrait of Dominique and Alexandre Lafourcade presenting the restoration of a loft in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence

September 19, 2014 - Financial Times - How to use colours and furniture to create the Provençal look. Interview of Alexandre Lafourcade

August 28, 2014 - Russian television, broadcast Neputevie zametki - Dominique, Bruno and Alexandre Lafourcade, presentation of the study office, “Les Confines” property, a contemporary house in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence

August 2014 - Homes & Gardens (British) : converted stables, Provencal Mas and Bastide restored by the Lafourcade Family with 1st cover.

July 2014 - Demeures et Châteaux : a Château in Provence restored by the Lafourcade Family

June 2014 - L'Art des Jardins : Dominique Lafourcade's African Garden creation

May 2014 - Homes & Gardens : the restoration of the Pierredon Abbey by Alexandre Lafourcade

April 14, 2014 - France 3 TV, Midi en France, Saint-Rémy-de-Provence : Alexandre Lafourcade presents his restoration of the Manoir at l'Oustau de Baumanière, the transformation of "l'Atelier". Dominique Lafourcade opens the gates of her private garden.

April 2014 - Home special issue, Dream Gardens : the Pierredon garden

February 2014 - Condé Nast Traveler China : How to live in a former Abbey

November 2013 - French Living Magazine Australia : portrait of Bruno, Dominique and Alexandre Lafourcade

October 2013 - Vigneron : Pierredon, the restoration of a vineyard property

September 11, 2013 - La Maison France 5 : Alexandre Lafourcade presents his transformation of the Abbey of Pierredon on the TV. Replay on September 14.

September 2013 - Habitat Brasil : The Confines Country House

July 2013 - Special issue no 1 : Dream Houses. Interiors and gardens of the Pierredon Abbey

May 2013 - Home, landscape gardeners gardens : a town garden designed by Dominique Lafourcade

May 2013 - Maisons de campagne : a farmhouse in Provence transformed by Alexandre Lafourcade

April 26, 2013 - Website "", portrait of Dominique Lafourcade

April 2013 - Home, Special issue Outsdanding gardens : The studio garden

March 2013 - Herbarella : The Abbey of Pierredon, The studio, The Confines garden

March 2013 - Country Life : The African garden of Dominique Lafourcade

January 2013 - Bvb Living Germany : Portrait of Dominique, Bruno, Alexandre Lafourcade

December 2012 - Hors série L’Art des Jardins : Portrait of Dominique Lafourcade

September 2012 - Elle Decoration : A village house in the Luberon valley

September 2012 - Living Germany : A vineyard property in the Alpilles

August 2012 - American Interiors : Pierredon Abbey restored by Alexandre Lafourcade

July 2012 - Elle Decoration : A contemporary house

July 2012 - Côté Sud : Portrait of Alexandre Lafourcade

June 2012 - Country Life : The Confines, the garden

May 2012 - Film l’Occitane : Presentation of a country house restored by Alexandre Lafourcade

May 2012 - Home : Dream gardens, portrait of Dominique Lafourcade

May 2012 - Living Germany : Cover page, conversion of a village house in The Luberon valley

April 2012 - Seasons Holland : The garden at the Confines

April 2012 - Garden Design Journal : A contemporary garden

March 2012 - Vigneron : Portrait of Bruno and Alexandre Lafourcade in the Abbey of Pierredon

March 2012 - Hem & Antik Sweden : Private house of the Lafourcade

March 2012 - Objekt : Contemporary architecture in Provence, portrait of Bruno and Alexandre Lafourcade

December 2011 - Lumière magazine : Portrait of Bruno and Alexandre Lafourcade

November 2011 - Elle Decoration Sud : The ten best decorators in the south of France : Portrait of Alexandre Lafourcade

October 2011 - Home : Portrait of Alexandre Lafourcade

September 2011 - Bellevue Germany : Cover and private house of Corinne Ricard in Bendor

August 2011 - Passion Provence : Portrait of Bruno and Alexandre Lafourcade

July 2011 - House & Garden : Contemporay architecture in Provence

July 2011 - Résidences Décoration No.100 : The garden at The Confines property.

June 2011 - Casa Claudia Brasil : Architecture in Provence with Alexandre and Bruno Lafourcade

May 2011 - Elle Decoration No.199 : One of the most trendy gardeners in the South of France ; Dominique Lafourcade

April 2011 - Passion Provence : A contemporary garden in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence

March 2011 - Cote : The garden at the Confines property

January 2011 - Art & Decoration : In the Alpilles, a greenhouse created by Alexandre Lafourcade

January 2011 - Ville Giardini : The garden with snow at The Confines property



July 2018 - Lafourcade Magiciens en Provence (French Issue) editions Loco

July 2018 - Lafourcade Magic in Provence (English Issue) editions Loco

May 2017 - Perfect French Country. A provensal country house restored by Alexandre Lafourcade

November 2016 - The New Landscapes of the Wine. The Pierredon Abbey gardens designed by Dominique Lafourcade

April 2016 - Kitchen friends in Provence. La Martinière edition. Portrait and lifestyle of the Lafourcade family

June 2015 - Secret Gardens. Abrams editions. Portrait of Dominique Lafourcade and description of a country house garden. The country house transformed by Bruno and Alexandre Lafourcade

June 2015 - Moderne Gartenkunst. Knesebeck editions. Portrait of Dominique Lafourcade and description of a country house garden. Architecture Bruno and Alexandre Lafourcade

October 2014 - Secrets de paysagistes book. Editions de La Martinière. Portrait of Dominique Lafourcade and description of her garden after restoration of the country house in Aix-en-Provence restored by Bruno and Alexandre Lafourcade

October 2014 - Jardins contemporains sculptés, naturalists book. Editions Ulmer. A contemporary garden in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence designed by Dominique Lafourcade

October 2014 - Mediterranes Gartendesign, spektakuläre privatgärten book. Editions Becker Joest Volk. A contemporary garden and the African garden

December 2013 - Veranda book "The Art of Outdoor Living" Hearst New York, Lisa Newsom : The Confines garden

October 2013 - "Classical Interiors" book, Rizzoli New York. Elisabeth Meredith Dowling : A château and two manor houses in Provence

March 2013 - German "Modernes Garten Design", Becker Joest Volk, Ulrich Timm

March 2013 - French Romantic Homes : Les Confines and Villa Baulieu - Cico Books UK

November 2012 - Book Elle Decoration - Vacances chics : A contemporary house in St Rémy de Provence

May 2012 - The houses of Veranda - Lisa Newsom : The farmhouse in Provence of Craig and Ginny Magher

May 2011 - New version of the book Restorations, Constructions, Creations : The know-how of the Lafourcades

December 2011 - Interior Design in French Classic Style : Presentation of two architectural projects

November 2011 - Private Visit in Provence - Cherche-Midi

May 2009 - Jardins du Languedoc Roussillon - Ulmer

May 2009 - Dream Homes Country - Merrell

June 2008 - Les Jardins d'Artistes en Provence - Verbavolant

June 2008 - Provence Artists gardens - Thames & Hudson

October 2007 - Life & Style - DVA

October 2007 - Esprit Provence - Rustica

April 2007 - Architectures Contemporaines en Provence - Aubanel

February 2006 - Créations, Restaurations, Constructions - Louisa Jones, Terres du Sud

October 2005 - Dream Homes - Merrell

December 2004 - Les nouveaux jardins d’artistes - Flammarion

November 2004 - La Provence comme on l’aime - Aubanel

November 2004 - Maisons de campagne - Filipacchi

October 2004 - Du jardin au paysage - Aubanel

December 2003 - More spectacular pools - Harper Design International

March 2003 - Créations, Restaurations, Constructions - Louisa Jones, Terres du Sud

October 2002 - Der Garten der Künstlerin - Gerstenberg

May 2002 - L’art du potager - Flammarion

April 2002 - Style Provençal - Editions du Chêne

March 2002 - La cuisine des jardins de Provence - Aubanel

February 2002 - Jardins de femmes - Flammarion

February 2002 - Radical landscapes - Thames & Hudson

October 2001 - Style Elle Déco - Filipacchi

October 2001 - Europe’s Elite 1000 - Cadogan Publications

January 2001 - Petits bassins de charme - Loft Publications

March 2000 - Nouveaux jardins de campagne - Albin Michel

January 2000 - Europe’s Elite 1000 - Cadogan Publications

October 1999 - Le Style Elle Deco Voyage No. 3 - Filipacchi

October 1998 - Jardins & Bouquets - Filipacchi

April 1998 - Jardins de Provence et de la Côte d’Azur - Taschen