Bruno & Alexandre Lafourcade Architecture is a family firm specializing in the renovation of exceptional homes in Provence and the south of France.

Today under the direction of Alexandre Lafourcade, the company transforms chateaux, period houses, villas, manors, farmhouses, historic houses and even abbeys into retreats for gracious, modern-day living. Sometimes the raw material is the merest ruin of an abandoned croft, barn or agricultural building.

Operating since 1977 from Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, we have become the leading practice for authentic restoration on this scale, often reflecting the architectural apogee of the 18th century to suit the tastes of our international clientele. We have achieved this preeminence by drawing on our extensive knowledge of the vernacular heritage of Provence and the Côte d’Azur with its symmetrical facades, perfect proportions, high windows and warm patinas. Then we apply our passion for detail.

However, bricks and mortar are only half the story. Creating a natural setting which is true to the landscape and its traditions is an essential aspect of what we do. Our landscape designer Dominique Lafourcade [link] has the skill, the experience and the vision to create the definitive Mediterranean garden.