A loft apartment in Provence

Lafourcade Architecture converts a farm shed into a contemporary loft apartment.

In a beautiful Provençal village, Alexandre Lafourcade noticed a large shed with a roof covering. This was later to become a home with a patio. He had part of the roof demolished to allow the creation of a walled garden, devised by Dominique Lafourcade.

Both inside and out, Lafourcade Architecture has succeeded in creating a complex yet harmonious interplay of reflections, transparencies, scale and perspective.

This living-space of 240 square metres fuses minimalism with traditional elegance. Concrete is cleverly blended with oak and marble to combine beauty and comfort.
The layout of the loft apartment looks like a rectangular box divided into two floors, with the centre hollowed out to spotlight the drawing-room. The sweeping curve of the staircase, leading to a mezzanine gallery lined with glass and steel panels, softens these austere lines.

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