Le Manoir and Guigou mas of L'Oustau de Baumanière

Jean-André Charial entrusted the restoration of the Guigou - a pretty mas near the village of Les Baux de Provence - and a large country house - which lies just below the village - to French architect Alexandre Lafourcade.

L'Oustau de Baumanière, a gourmet hotel-restaurant of global renown, run by Jean-André and Geneviève Charial, also comprises the magnificent property known as "Le Manoir", which has a few peaceful rooms for loyal clients.

The founder of Baumanière, Raymond Thuillier and the Lafourcade family share a common philosophy: promoting art de vivre to "greet both living beings and things with an acute sense of happiness"

Alexandre Lafourcade's restoration work has subtly enhanced the two mas and imparted a timeless quality to their charm.
The Michelin guide has awarded three stars to the legendary l'Oustau de Baumanière restaurant.

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